When you find out how your patients are finding you, you can explode your bookings every week.

When you discover how your patients are finding you , you can explode your weekly bookings very quickly.

1. They search on a specific treatment such as knee or hip replacement.

2. They search on your name or clinic because they know of you.

3. They search on a specific treatment in a town or city.

If you’re not sure which of these is working for you, chances are you’re missing out on a truckload of enquries.

Path 1.
These are people who don’t know you and are searching for a specific treatment.
Why are they good prospects?
Because they already know what they want & are very close to making a booking.
You just have to have everything in place to get their enquiry.

Path 2.
You’re found quite easily because you’ve been around for a while and they actually know your name or your clinic.
You would expect to be top in google. No big deal here.
This is not a source of new people who’ve never heard of you so it is a limited source of enquiry.

Path 3
Here's where you can score locally in your town or city.
It’s where you can out-perform the big hospital groups such as Spire, Nuffield etc.
Is your site ready for that?
It should be.

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Arthur Stoller


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