Four powerful strategies to increase your clinic bookings.

1. Make your posts, ads, and website resonate strongly with clients.

The biggest success you’ll have in attracting inquiries from new clients is by focussing specifically on one of your treatments.

If they’re looking for rhinoplasty, you save them several clicks if your ad talks about rhinoplasty and links directly to your rhinoplasty page. The same applies to ANY of your treatments.

Don’t think you have to do everything. Choose your own space and be the specialist in that area.

Pick an age group and a gender, and say something that will resonate with this profile.
For example, according to BAAPS, people today prefer the term “tweaked” to “tucked”.
This trend is more conspicuous in the over 55’s.
That’s what you use and you emphasize the difference.
Talk about subtle and understated procedures, to get a much better response from these 55-year-olds.

2.Be at the leading edge of your specialty.

If you stay on top of trends you’ll know what patients are going to be asking for in a few months’ time.
If you get in ahead of others in a new treatment, you’ll catch the lion’s share of the market.
The press and media are always looking to write about something new.

3. Tap into your client’s buying cycle.

Take a moment to step into your client’s mind. They’re researching up to 10 sources of information before they decide what to do. They’re using the web and mobile to research a treatment they’re thinking of having.

So you have to get ready to step into this process.
You need to set out a plan for those who aren’t ready to buy yet.
They need to know about you, even though they’re not ready to phone and talk.

4. Find out what made your last patients actually contact you?

What part of your website or emailing drove them to you?
Ask them and ask your staff who took the call.
Now use this info in everything you do…in your website, on Facebook, and in your adverts.

Always bear in mind your patients aren’t buying your techniques and procedures, no matter how skilled you might be.
They’re buying their own self-esteem, self-confidence, and a feeling of being attractive.

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