How We Will Increase your sales in 2024 by +25% without spending any more on advertising

Expose on Huge PPC costs
How we will increase your sales in 2024 by +25%
without spending any more on advertising

Today I am going to show the true net profit you make when you pay for ads for your clinic
That means after you take of costs for the advert and the cost of hiring a clinic.
You also have to add in the time needed to run your campaign yourself.
Let’s take 3 different treatments starting with “hair transplants in London”

blast5 hair trans demo

Next example is vaser liposuction, which is a less expensive PPC, but still needs 300 clicks on average  to get that booking

blast 5 vaasewr lipo

Finally, he is an example for breast enlargement

blast 5 breast demoi

What we do is deliver these enquiries for you, as you can see here for our client over a 4 week period:


All these conversions are tracked all the way through from the source to the email message the client sent you to make a booking.

You may be working on existing enquiries coming into the website on your procedure.
And not paying much on advertising at all.
But what my solution is going to offer you is at least another 25% in bookings, over and above what you are doing today.
Whatever the source of your traffic be that social media or Google organic.

To get up to date on developing your sales, please book a slot on my upcoming webinar on Tuesday 27th February at 7:00 pm.
Please note : places are limited so book now


Arthur Stoller

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