Client achieves 3x more free traffic versus a PPC budget of £5k per month.

Clinic achieves 3x more free traffic versus a PPC budget of £5k per month.

The question cosmetic clinics ask most is “How do I get more traffic without spending a fortune on it?”
“Throw some advertising spend at it and wait for the results”.

That seems an easy answer.

You read all the stuff about advertising and methods of driving traffic to your site.
Maybe you tried Instagram, Facebook ads or TikTok
And after a while, you dropped these methods because of the costs.
Maybe you’ll go back and try again soon.

But hold on a moment.

There’s one big thing to consider.
How many clicks does it actually take to get a solid booking?
And what does your final monthly PPC budget really cost?
And what happens when you don’t advertise at night and over the weekends?

It’s a false economy because you might need 150 to 200 clicks to close that booking.
And I mean the booking, not just the enquiry to your secretary.
Conversions can be as low as 1 in 3 and that’s expensive.
Many PPC term cost £4 or £5 per click.

Just a few examples
Hair transplants London is $6
Vaser liposuction London $3.85
Breast enlargement $3.00
There are many more examples depending on your speciality.
Let’s take a look at what we achieved for a client last year.

ppc vs organicv visits eac sep 2022

The monthly spend on PPC  was £5k
Free traffic & Maps got 1510 clicks
Google PPC ads spend of £5k got 567 clicks

Organic searches were almost 3 times PPC traffic.
That’s without the stress of racking up extra advertising bills.

And here’s the thing:
The free traffic delivers enquiries 24/7.

There will be quiet times when people are simply not booking.
They may be in reading mode, but not booking.

Maybe they saw an article in the Daily Mail about cosmetic surgery.
That can cool enquiries down but you’re still paying for ads.

Meanwhile, free traffic is working 24/7 to deliver your enquiries at no extra cost.

How do we achieve the success in the table above for our clients?

3 powerful ways

1. Designing and implementing your client's superhighway to your secretary.
This is custom-designed for you and your speciality.
Your results are measured, and powerful improvements are made to really squeeze out those quality enquiries.

visitor path
  1. Speeding up your pages.
    Here’s an example of a slow page and our client’s page of 45.6 seconds.
66 blast signatureclinic 46 secs

    Here's our client, after we fixed his page:

66 blast - speeed 6.9 secs ai-beauty

Thats a differnce of 38 secs.

What difference does that speed make to you?
Google loves fast sites and will rank you higher than your competitors and that means more enquiries.

3. What really makes us totally different as a marketing organisation for cosmetic clinics?
Our Private network of clinic sites, developed over 10 years focused entirely on medical clinics:



What does it do?
We focus it on a client’s site and it rockets our client into top positions in Google.

Summary and what to do
This is the Referral Suite System that delivers a +25% guaranteed increase in enquiries.
If you haven't already, download our 2024 Marketing Secrets Handbook for clinics here

Watch our latest videos about supercharging enquiries to cosmetic clinics here:

Or Book a call to discuss how we can help you.

If you’d like to discuss how this can be put to use for your clinic, get in touch.

Arthur Stoller

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