Explode your weekly enquiries by tracking how patients find you

Explode your weekly enquiries by tracking how patients find you

Just relying on your hospital for leads, means you are missing out on a truckload of enquiries.
There are 3 main ways people find you.

1.They search on a specific treatment such as knee or hip replacement.
2.They search on your name or clinic because they know of you.
3.They search on a specific treatment in a town or city.

If you’re not sure which of these is working for you, chances are you’re missing out on building a full list of procedures.

Path 1.
These are people who don’t know you and are searching for a specific treatment.
Why are they good prospects?
Because they already know what they want & are very close to making a booking.
You just have to have everything in place to get their enquiry.

Path 2.
You’re found quite easily because you’ve been around for a while and they actually know your name or your clinic.
You would expect to be top in google. No big deal here.
This is not a source of new people who’ve never heard of you so it is a limited source of enquiry.

Path 3
Here's where you can score locally in your town or city.
It’s where you can out-perform the big hospital groups such as Spire, Nuffield etc.
Is your site ready for that?
It should be.

On my seminar next Tuesday (5th September 7:30 pm)I will show you exactly how to power up your site for orthopaedic enquiries.

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