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Businesswire is reporting a projected growth rate of 7% in cosmetic surgery for the years 2019 to 2023. Their evidence is based on the trend away from invasive toward non-invasive surgery. As always in cosmetic surgery, the advance of technology has seen a change in market demand. For example, new developments in laser are particularly well-suited for facial treatments.

With this type of less invasive surgery, there is a shorter hospital recovery time, a great plus for clients. You will benefit greatly from this if you get the message out to potential clients

BAAPS states that the biggest drop in treatments for women in 2017 were facelifts, dropping by 44%. The availability of image enhancers to adjust selfie photos on mobile phones, is having an effect on the demand. It’s because people are able to change their photo easily on their mobiles. They use these enhanced images in social chats and dating platforms and it’s certainly a more convenient alternative to surgery.

This accounts for the big fall-off in demand for invasive face lifts. Is this treatment something you could offer?
If so, you need to get to work on promoting it.

The impressive growth in cool sculpting was presented in the US recently as the fastest way of removing fat from the body in a totally painless way. The great advantages are there are no incisions, no needles and no anaesthesia involved.

The total process offers a significant advantage to clients. This may be one reason for the fall off in demand for liposuction.

It will certainly have an effect on current liposuction providers. Consider getting up to speed with this and start thinking about how to market it to your clients.

These are just two examples of what you should be watching out for, of how the industry is now offering clients far comfortable treatments with far shorter recovery times.

Other Market drivers for clients

The fashion and media industries drive demand through creating peer pressure. Approve of it or not, when people see images and videos of top celebrities, they are influenced into having a treatment for themselves.

An article in The Sun talks about the various treatments people on Love Island have had. If you want first hand evidence of what drives new clients to your clinic, just take a look here.

These press & media reports have a large effect on motivating people towards seeking you out. The more thoughtful clinics who plan for these new techniques, are the ones who get noticed first and who will grab the lion’s share of the market. You can’t afford to sit and wait until demand for your current treatment dries up.

Your clients today are very well read up, especially on high tickets treatments of £5-10k.
They know what’s on offer and the recovery times.
So be ready for them.

A more detailed breakdown of individual treatments can be found on the website. The table below gives an overview.

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Summary for cosmetic clinics

  • Make enquiries into those new treatments in your field. Search around other providers websites and also take a look in the US.
  • Find out how much it would cost to train up and install the necessary equipment. If it’s relatively easy to do, consider doing starting as soon as you can.
  • Get in front of the competition and position your clinic as a leader in these new treatments.
  • If you do this effectively it will highlight yourself and your clinic and all the procedures you offer. Not just the latest ones.

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