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Updates on the market demand for cosmetic procedures 2019-2020

The trend in cosmetic procedures continues to grow. As a whole, treatments increased 3 fold since 2000 and show no signs of stopping. New methods of providing clients what they want, are being regularly introduced to the market as technology improves and this continues to drive demand.

As with much in our consumer society, convenience plays a major part in enquiries to clinics.
Now clients are applying for certain treatments during their lunch break. And the results are usually immediate.
Injected fillers are still the major requested procedure, taking up a whopping 80% of all such quick fixes. This is according to The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery for 2018.

The treatment of fillers for men, take up approximately 15% of the total who use fillers to enhance their masculine profile, particularly the neck and jawline.

Body shaping is expected to continue strongly.

The latest body-shaping procedure is called EmSculpt which is described as being non–invasive and uses magnetic fields to break down body fat, making it easier for the body to absorb.
Results, according to clinical tests, have been measurable One of the things that worries patients most, is the pain of liposuction. This new treatment might just turn out be an effective viable pain-free alternative. If so, it would result in an even bigger jump in requests for body contouring.

BAAPS report the following changes in demand for these listed treatments in 2018. This and more information, is freely available on the website.


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